Monday, April 15, 2013

Validation Tool in Google Spreadsheets

If you are a frequent user of Google Apps there is a useful tool in Spreadsheets that you may not be aware of. It is the Validation tool. This can be used to create a drop down menu within cells of a spreadsheet. Why might this be useful? It ensures that only the choices you want are selected by users. Also, all of the formatting for each cell will be the same. This is handy when using the data to create charts.
Click here for directions on how to use this tool, or view the directions below.

The Validation tool allows creators of a spreadsheet to set predetermined  drop-down choices for cells. Not only could this expedite the process, but also ensure that all formatting is the same for the cells. The directions to use it are below.

First, select the cells that you would like the validation to apply to.

Second, click Data then Validation from the toolbar.

Third, choose your criteria for the cells. In the example below I chose “List of Items”. Then you need to type in the choices that will appear in the drop-down for each of the selected cells from step one. Be sure to click Save.

Users are now able to select from a drop-down menu.

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  1. Great tip. Thanks for sharing. I could see using this with/for students to make a RAFT writing activity, as a quick assessment/rubric, planning/consensus document for collaborative activities, planner for a google form etc.