Monday, March 4, 2013

National Grammar Day!

Here are some activities and sites to help you and your students celebrate National Grammar Day.

National Grammar Day Site: Tips, games, and even t-shirts:)

Grammar Ninja: Use throwing stars to defeat evil parts of speech!

Grammar Gorillas: Identify parts of speech in sentences (beginner and advanced modes)

Panda Mayhem: Click on the Panda that is holding the correct part of speech (cute for younger students)

Spelling City: Multiple games available

Toon University: 3 levels available and each is timed which adds to the challenge.

Fling your Teacher: This game allows the participants build a trebuchet as they get questions correct then "fling their teacher".  Click here, here and here for three different games.

Sheppard Software: Various games related to language arts and grammar.

Grammar Bytes: Upper level grammar based activities.


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