Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Recently I was contacted by the creators of Cometdocs to review their product. After some poking around I found the site very intuitive.
After logging in (I used the Google login--very slick!), the screen is available for dragging and dropping files. Not only can you store files, but Comedocs has the ability to transfer files to others with a valid email address. As the sender, you can also include a message.
After selecting a file to store you can complete any of the following: create a new folder, convert the file, preview, share, and make revisions. Social networks are also accessible for quick sharing (Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus). Cometdocs also has the option to make files public, which you can then browse if you create an account.
Cometdocs has a great blog that includes easy to follow tutorials. This site is worth a try if you like Dropbox, Box, or other online file management sites.

Monday, March 4, 2013

National Grammar Day!

Here are some activities and sites to help you and your students celebrate National Grammar Day.

National Grammar Day Site: Tips, games, and even t-shirts:)

Grammar Ninja: Use throwing stars to defeat evil parts of speech!

Grammar Gorillas: Identify parts of speech in sentences (beginner and advanced modes)

Panda Mayhem: Click on the Panda that is holding the correct part of speech (cute for younger students)

Spelling City: Multiple games available

Toon University: 3 levels available and each is timed which adds to the challenge.

Fling your Teacher: This game allows the participants build a trebuchet as they get questions correct then "fling their teacher".  Click here, here and here for three different games.

Sheppard Software: Various games related to language arts and grammar.

Grammar Bytes: Upper level grammar based activities.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Changes to Gooru

If you are haven'nt used Gooru before click here.

This spring Gooru will be making the following changes (quoted from them):

-Search filters: have a specific academic standard or grade level in mind? Soon you'll be able to filter your resource and collection search results by categories such as those to pinpoint the exact content you need.

-Faster organization: instead of having to first save all of your favorite resources and then add them to a collection one by one, you'll be able to quickly drag and drop resources into a collection as you search.

-Collection creation made easy: you'll no longer have to navigate over to your Shelf to create a collection. We've added a "+ New Collection" button to the Search page so that you can create a new collection whenever creativity strikes.

They will maintain their "classic site" for a few months to ease in the changes.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Changes to Padlet and Class Dojo

Padlet, formerly know as Wallwisher has added a new feature called Streams. Posts in a Stream are in chronological order. It gives the posts a bit of a more structured look. In order to get to the Stream function, click on the Setting "cog" in the lower right hand corner, choose Layout, then click Stream. To see additional changes that have been made to Padlet, take a visit!

Class Dojo is a well know site for management and awarding class badges. Within the last few days, they release an app on the Google Play store. If you are not aware of Class Dojo, read one of my previous posts here.