Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scholastic Author Interviews

Scholastic has many great resources for students and teachers. One that I have been exploring a bit more lately are the author interviews. There are many great authors to choose from. They discuss everything from the writing process, their childhood, and what has motivated them as authors. The interviews are broken down by question. So, as the teacher you can choose to show the entire interview or focus on specifics topics the author talked about (Which is great because as we all know students cannot focus on a video for more than a few minutes).
If you are currently, or in the near future, a Writer's Workshop teacher these interviews lend themselves well. The ability to match your unit with an author can be a powerful way to kick off student writing.
Below is a screenshot of Gordon Korman.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


GradeCam is a cool tool that I learned about on Twitter from @jill_lebiedzins. This site offers educators the option to use a document camera as a means to grade and record assignments. GradeCam also offers the following options: Grades are automatically entered into your gradebook (Skyward, etc.), Share your assessments with other educators and get reports in real-time, Give students immediate feedback as they scan their own assessment, Create and print answer forms, and Link your questions to state standards and generate standards based reports.

You may be wondering if your camera is compatible. GradeCam has a page that lists all compatible cameras. Many are listed, so the chance is pretty good that yours is available. Additionally, GradeCam has a page with a help forum and printable documents to get you started.

If you are a teacher who uses a doc cam on a daily basis, GradeCam is probably for you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson is a site that I stumbled across today while looking for fun ideas to teach pre algebra concepts. This site does ask you to sign up to access the resources. However, it is worth it. They claim to have over 250,000 lessons to access. If accurate, that is insane!

Some of the key features on Share My Lesson include the ability to create an account, share/download lessons, and lessons linked to Common Core Standards. In addition, the resources are sorted by grade levels, there are "featured lessons", and the "latest resources" on the homepage for those who may check daily.