Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is Gooru?

Last school year I discovered Gooru, and was a bit confused by its site layout and use. However, they have made improvements have really cleaned things up. Those of you unfamiliar with Gooru will be pleased to learn that it is a one stop shop for knowlege (of sorts). At its core, Gooru is a search engine. However, it is made to provide different categories for its results with every search. Below is an example of the result when I searched the term "algebra".

As you can see there are several categories that appeared. So, if students are specifically looking for videos related to algebra they are available, or if a teacher like myself needs handouts I can explore the "handouts" section. Give Gooru as an option to your students during their next research project. Students will pull no punches when reviewing the site for you.
Their is an option to create a profile. This would allow the user to save content, which is useful if you choose to browse the Quizzes that are available in Gooru.
This video gives a nice overview of the site.

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