Monday, October 22, 2012

Sign Up Genius

What is Sign Up Genius? It is a sight that all but eliminates notes going home for field trips, classroom celebrations, and volunteers for any school activity. This site allows the user to set up a page, list the activity, and decide exactly how many volunteers, snacks, etc. that are needed. There will be no confusion! Once all slots are filled, Sign Up Genius no longer allows additional parents to sign up. I recently used it have parents sign up to send treats/drinks in for our Writers' Workshop celebration, and Sign Up Genius worked like a charm.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Building Your Classroom Library

Over the years I have found it difficult, and frustrating at times, to keep track of  classroom library books. I have tried note cards, checkout "sheets", etc. Thankfully, last year I discovered Classroom Organizer. This allows teachers to create an online classroom library. Within the site students can search the library and checkout/return books. Teachers are able to create classroom settings that may include: checkout period, maximum number of books aloud, and email of overdue notices.

Classroom Organizer is especially handy when working in a 1:1 settings. This site creates ownership for the classroom library. After introducing the site and its functions, the responsibility falls mainly on the students. However, I periodically check to make sure that all students have their books checked out. At the end of the year I also create a due date for when books can no longer be checked out.