Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google SketchUp

Recently I had a student who used Google SketchUp to complete an assignment on fault lines.  He recreated faults using the tools of the program.  The final results were fantastic! (pictured below) If you are unfamiliar with Google SketchUp, it is a 3D model drawing program. The free version is more than enough for use in the classroom.  However, they do provide a pro account, but is pricey ($495).  This might be a product that high school tech ed teachers may use for drafting blueprints and such. Additionally, Google SketchUp provides a gallery with examples from professionals and amateurs alike.
In the past I have also used Google SketchUp in math.  It integrates well with concepts like surface area, volume, measurement, and geometry.

 Divergent Fault
Horizon Elementary on a Strike-Slip Fault