Monday, January 24, 2011

Alternatives to Animoto

Many of you know of the site Animoto, on which you can create slideshows that are accompanied by music and transitions.  Those of us who have used it, know that there is a very small learning curve.  That is what makes it ideal for students.  Animoto for education also provides a free promo code to educators that allows students to make videos beyond 30 seconds.  Animoto is great, but at times I find myself looking for something new.  So, here are a few alternatives.
Stupeflix is a video creator similar to Animoto, but there is a larger learning curve.  Like Animoto, you can also insert video clips.  Stupeflix may not be for younger students as its ease of use may take some additional teaching on your part.
Clip Generator is another program similar to Animoto and Stupeflix.  It is very easy to use, and there is no sign up required.  Once you create your video they will send a link to you via email.  Also, Clip Generator provides a few music choices that are more popular than some other free video creation sites.
I have used all three and think that any could be applied in the classroom.  Some ideas might be: alternative to book report, autobiography/biography, express a math concept, persuade an audience, show scientific process, etc.