Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Animoto App is Here!

Yesterday I received an exciting email.  Animoto is now available for the ipad, ipod touch, and iphone.  For those of your who may be unfamiliar with Animoto, here is the rundown.  Animoto allows users to create multimedia presentations.  The site has a collection of music, templates, images, and video clips.  However, users can easily upload their own media.  In addition, once a video is created there are options to order a DVD, or get the DVD quality upgrade.  I have ordered the upgrade before to create my own DVDs, and the quality was fantastic! Media creation really cannot be made easier.
On the site users will find several different plans. The great news is educators can sign up at Animoto Education to get the ability to create unlimited length videos for themselves and their students.  Otherwise, 30 second videos are the limit for a free account.
I have used Animoto several times in my classroom for a variety of things.  Uses range from anticipatory videos, poetry, persuasive writing and a chance to record class field trips!