Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am sure their are some of you who have hear of Sliderocket.  However, I felt compelled to share this software after playing around with it.  Like many of you, I have grown tired of Power Point presentations.  Even though Sliderocket is similar, there are subtle differences that make it worthwhile.
First, it is web based.  So there is no need to save to a flash drive or computer hard drive.  Second, the ease at which the user can insert charts, images, shapes, videos and text.  Third, Sliderocket provides the user with the tools to share a finished product with a public link or embedding code.  Lastly, users have the ability to collaborate on a project.
Recently Sliderocket also came out with their app for the Ipad!  Again, this software is not vastly different from Power Point, but does have qualities that make it more web 2.0 friendly.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wibiya! Toolbar for Your Blog

Just recently I decided to place a toolbar at the bottom of my blog to make it a bit more interactive.  After a short web search I came across Wibiya.  What is great about Wibiya is that there's an apps market where apps can be added to your toolbar. Everything from Facebook, Twitter, or an RSS feed.  Tools like Wibiya not only keep visitors to your blog engaged, but encourages them to visit back in the future.