Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cool QR Code Creation!

I recently came across a QR code creator that has some unique features. Unitag QR code creator involves 5 simple steps. The first step is choosing what information will be embedded with the code.  Users can select from text, a website, personal information (qr business card), geo location, and a few other choices.  Unitag then allows the user to select a color, or combination of colors, the size, and even add a logo.
There are other QR code creators, but I think Unitag offers some features that others don't.  If Unitag is not to your liking trying one or more of the following: KaywaQR stuffGoQRme, and Good Survey.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Class Dojo!

Over the last few weeks I have been testing out the use of Class Dojo.  This online classroom management tool allows the user to award students immediately for positive behavior in class.  Class Dojo also will let the user record negative behaviors.  One of the many great features is to ability to attach notes to any behavior that is recorded.  These will come in handy at parent/teacher conferences.  In addition, teachers are able to print off PDF documents or email a copy of any student's report.
Luckily I have a touch screen laptop which makes all of this a snap!  My laptop stays open all day.  As the students are working, or we are having discussions I can award those who choose to participate in a positive way.  Class Dojo has made an impact in my classroom in that I am seeing more students engage in class discussions and debates.
If you choose to use this program, take the time to share it with the students.  When I first began, I shared the process on the SmartBoard.  They especially enjoyed the avatar characters that are available.