Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Start the year with a little PD!

It can be overwhelming starting a new school year.  When given new tech the start can be even more stressful.  Here are some tools that will hopefully encourage you to train others, or use the tech in your classroom more effectively.

99 Polls is a site that will allow students or teachers to create a poll.  These polls can then be shared through email, a blog, or social website. is a site that allows teachers or students to upload files to share.  You can very simply select which files to share, whether they be photos, documents, PPT files, etc.  After all of your desired files are uploaded a link is supplied.  The user can keep the link that was given or rename it. is a simple virtual cork board for posting sticky notes.  I chose to share this tool because of its simplicity.  If you can write a sticky with pencil/paper, you can use this site.  Each "board" has a unique url that can be shared. Students could easily use this site to share ideas or ask questions.

Edmodo is a micro-blogging site created specifically for education.  I have talked about Edmodo in the past, but they have recently made some great updates.  This site allows students and teachers to share ideas, post assignments, take polls, and much more.  It has literally changed the way that I teach!

Feels good to  blogging again after a summer off!  Hope that one or more of these tools can be used in your classroom.

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