Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review of the "Ultimate Web 2.0 Smackdown"

On April 9th Lisa Thurmann posted a short article on the Tech & Learning Advisor blog.  The article outlined 28 web tools that Lisa Thurmann and others reviewed during Tech Forum Boston.
The first tool that I checked out was Paper Rater.  This site allows the user to copy and past a paper, whether it be an essay, report, or other type to be analyzed.  Once the paper is pasted in the user can check for spelling, grammar, or even plagiarism.  The later feature can be especially useful to teachers.  Paper Rater allows has settings 6th grade all the way through doctorate.
Livebinders is a tool that I am already familiar with, but I wanted to share it.  Livebinders is a site in which you can create your own virtual binders to organize information. Users are also able to search binders that have been created by others.  No matter the subject you teach, there is likely to be a Livebinder.  Livebinder has great tutorials for first time users, and has a blog to provide teachers with ideas.
A great audio tool that included was Audioboo.  Audioboo allows user to record and upload audio via PC or on an  iPhone, Android or  Nokia device.  The recording can then shared with the world, or just your friends and family.  This site gives a great tutorial for new users, with step by step instructions.  Students who wish to sign up will need to provide an email address.
QR codes have found their way into the classroom as of late.  Our next site, FreedomShare, gives the opportunity to create your own.  No sign up needed!  Just create a title, type or paste text, include images or hyperlinks, and bingo! You have your own QR code.  Students would really get a kick out of sharing an assignment with a parent disguised as a QR code!  I have recently added a QR code to my contact card. 
How cool is that?

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