Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tips for Using You Tube

To some administrators You Tube is a scary tool.  But there are some ways that educators can soften those fears.  Here are some tools that have helped me in the classroom.
1. View Pure is a great site that allows you to get rid of all the "related" content and comments that surround You Tube videos.  As you all know, some related videos and content are not school appropriate.
2. TubeChop is a site that gives you the opportunity to "chop" parts of the video that you like.  This can be useful in that most students prefer short clips.
3.  SnipSnipIt is a site I learned about through Kelly Tenkely's iLearn Technology blog.  It is similar to TubeChop in that the site allows the user to paste the video url and cut and share your favorite parts of the video.
Convince your administrators to let you use You Tube!  It is a wonderful resource full of videos that relate all parts of the curriculum.

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