Thursday, April 7, 2011

Edmodo Expands!

At the beginning of the school year I blogged about Edmodo and its uses in the classroom.  You can see and contribute to an awesome list here.  Since that last post there have been many additions and improvements to Edmodo.
In November they launched their help center.  The help center provides answers for teachers and administrators.  It also gives users a webinar schedule and information to become an Edmodo advocate.  New within your Edmodo library, "power searching" is now available.  This allows for users to search using terms like ".doc", ".ppt", or even "embed".  Users can even search for Google docs that have been shared with them!  Towards the end of January real time updates within your communities was added.  Edmodo users just need to click the Everything link in the left hand margin to view the updates.  The month of January also brought the addition of Parent Accounts.  What great way for parents to observe the wonderful ways Edmodo is used in the classroom!  Lastly, maybe the greatest addition came in February, "The Backpack".  This feature allows students to store files on Edmodo.  Students no longer need to worry about accessing the school's network or losing their flash drive on the bus.  Kids just need to log into Edmodo at home and open the file.


  1. Troy,
    Good post. I have made a guide that I hope can help other teachers. Here is the link to it on

    I also love Edmodo and I can't wait to see what they add next.

    Patrick Cauley