Monday, October 25, 2010

Wikis are Wonderful

Recently I have rediscovered how great Wikispaces can be.   For the past couple of Fridays my 6th grade students have been busy creating a wiki to educate others on the Nine Elements of digital citizenship.  Students were placed in to groups of three.  Each group was then given an element to research.  Their findings will then be placed on a wiki page.  Students are encouraged to include text, pictures, links, and videos.  Some students are even creating their own pics and videos! 
Any wiki platform would work for this project, but I chose Wikispaces.  This site offers the option of applying for an education wiki that is ad free.  In addition, I feel that Wikispaces is very user friendly, and has a small learning curve for the students.  To my surprise, some students have even offered to be my "assistants" in helping other groups place items on their wiki page.

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