Monday, October 11, 2010

Edmodo Rules!

Edmodo is a micro-blogging platform designed specifically for education.  A video describing what it can provide for you is located on the home page.
In my classroom Edmodo has given me a management tool that can be applied to almost everything that I do.
With Edmodo it is possible to post comments, links, embed code, and give and grade assignments online.  At first glance you may notice that it has a slight resemblance to other social networking websites.  This provides an easy transition for students who have experience with such sites.  But, for those of us who teach younger students, Edmodo provides an alternative to management systems such as Moodle.  Even for students in grades 2 or 3 Edmodo is user friendly enough that they would be able to use its most basic functions.
One great feature is that it allows for communication in real-time between you and your students.  It has become a lifeline at times for students at home that may be struggling with homework.  Being available outside of the classroom is a perk that the students really appreciate.  In addition, I have been able to scan and share the day's homework with students who are home sick.


  1. I love Edmodo. It's been very successful in a first grade classroom. I'm also using twiducate. Great for paperless homework, collaboration between home and school, and sharing and building on student thoughts.

  2. It is awesome! I have not used Twiducate, but will have to give it a look. Thanks for the comment.